My Word for 2018

Happy {almost} New Year, friends!

I look forward to this week between Christmas and New Year's all year. Not only because there's usually some extra Christmas cookies hanging around, but because it's when I try to work on my word and goals for the coming year. (No shame in my nerd game.) 

This year's goal setting experience has been extra special because I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant. So right now, it's safe to say my word for 2018 is BABY and my goal is TO HAVE ONE SOON. ;)  We are over-the-moon excited about this second little one, and the addition to our family will surely add some very sweet and very crazy new dynamics to our family! A lot of my thoughts right now are naturally on our soon-to-be fam of 4.

However, I did still want to set goals for myself and our family for 2018, as well as a word to guide my mindset and attitude over the course of the year, knowing some changes are on the way. (Lookin' at you, no sleep newborn phase.) Reflecting back on the goals I've set over the past few years, I know they've been sources of encouragement, not overwhelm, and I'm looking forward to their presence in my life in 2018.

AND SO. I'm going to start by sharing my word for 2018, with goals in a post shortly after. And by shortly after, I mean like literally right after because BABY ON THE WAY! Time is precious!

Now, a drumroll please for my 2018 word....

JOY: the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated.

2018 goal setting - word for 2018 - JOY - Lettered Life

I came to this word when reading this verse a few weeks ago:

"I rejoice heartily in the lord, in my God is the joy of my soul" - Isaiah 61:10

I rejoice heartily in the Lord - JOY Verse 2018 - Lettered Life

I read that and thought "Yup. That's what I want for 2018!" Soul joy brought to you from the Father Himself. To live delightedly because of all the good He's done for me.

And so, JOY it is. Along those lines, I'm also hoping to:

  • cultivate a joyful home for my family
  • create joyful experiences for the people around me
  • choose joy when things seem chaotic or stressful
  • find joy in simple, everyday moments
  • know the fullness of joy in God's presence (psalm 16:11)

Alright friends, that's it! Have any fave verses or songs or quotes about joy? I'll be keeping my eyes open for them throughout the year, but feel free to send them along if you know of any. And if you have a word for 2018, please share it! I'll feel united on this journey with you and we can cheer each other on. 

CHEERS to a JOYFUL new year!