summer summer

{a collection of some of my fave instagram pics  from this summer}

Dear friends,

I don't know about you, but for me, this summer is just whirling by. You can ask my husband---I'm in "holy moly, it's August!" mode, which means I'm saying things like, "We need to get ice cream and jump in the pool and do every summer thing right now because it's going to be cold soon!" And then he reminds me that we live in North Carolina now and it will still be warm for a little while, so we're going to be ok. Phew! Too many fun things, too little time, right?

But still, I'm a summer person. I was made for summer. I love the hot and the vacations and the sun not setting til well after 8pm. I could eat watermelon, peaches and blueberries for all my meals and I'd be one happy camper. It's my very favorite time of the year, and these months have been especially fun since they've been highlighted with weddings, vistors, travels, and the greatest little sushi place we discovered within walking distance! Can I get an amen?!

So lately I've just been trying to soak them up one day at a time and make the most of the sunshine and lemonade weather. The great news is that we've still got a lot of fun to look forward to this month. Our 2 year (what?!) anniversary is just around the corner and we're headed to Charleston for some more Southern adventures, and I'm so excited I am basically already packed. Side note: if you have any recs for things to see/do/eat in while we're there, please share below! I'd love to hear!

Hope you all are summer lovin'! xo, Caitlin

the one where i live in north carolina

Dear friends,

Well hiii!  I feel like I should write you all postcards saying "Greetings from Charlotte! We made it!" because guess what?  We moved to North Carolina this weekend, just in time for spring....which starts tomorrow if you haven't been counting down!  So just pretend like this is your postcard, and on the front there is a picture of  me waving at you among the blooming dogwood trees with the caption "Hey, y'all!"...because I'm pretty much a southern lady now.

The transition from Indy to Charlotte was kind of a zany one, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  We packed our days with family visits, friend hang outs, restaurants that were still on our bucket list, and even spent the weekend at a retreat with 50+ high schoolers from our church on our way out of town.  From there, we were Charlotte-bound, which meant driving through snow, sleet, rain and fog as we wound our way through the Smokies and towards Charlotte.  Charlotte ended up being SO thrilled to have us, she poured down even more sleet and rain as we unloaded the truck, which was hysterical and 100% not ok all at the same time.  We laughed (and I nearly cried) carrying our stuff through all the precipitation, but we capped off the move by celebrating St. Patty's Day with homemade reubens, which {almost} made up for all the freezingness.

So now we're here, getting all settled and learning our new 'hood.  The screws to our kitchen table have gone MIA and I just found the silverware in a laptop bag---but that's part of the adventure, right?!  Sending you lots of North Carolina love!

Sincerely, Caitlin