influential meetup

Hello hello! As I mentioned in this post, I attended Influence Conference last October and it was fabulous.  Lots of learning, lots of sweet people.  I am loving being a member of the Influence Network, and today there's a linkup to get to know all of the women who have joined the community!   Today we are sharing 3 things about us, 1 thing we have learned using the Network, and 1 photo of ourselves that we absolutely love.

So Influence Network ladies, here's a little about me!

Three Things About Caitlin

1.)  I love love love to read and am so thankful I only live a few miles from our local library!  One of my 2013 goals is to read 2 books a month, so if you have any suggestions, holla at me!  One of my favorite things to learn about people is their favorite book----so please share some of your faves and I'll put them on my list.

2.)  Beyonce is my favorite.  I listen to Beyonce most days.  If I've gone too many days without pumping some of her tunes, I'm a little off-balance.  I once listened to Love on Top about 800 times over the course of running a marathon, and she got me through.  (Chris Tomlin was mixed in there, too.)  She's definitely on my top 5 people I'd love to have over for dinner, so if you see her around, please let her know the invite stands!

3.) My family is the best.  I have a big huge family that I am crazy about.  I wish I could hang out with my siblings every single day and I have 25 best-friend type cousins that can always make me smile.  My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have all played huge roles in my life, and I"m really thankful for the influence they've had on me!

1 Thing Learned from the Network

How different we are, how similar we are.  I love seeing all of the different passions and skills in the community: writers, creators, thinkers, encouragers, teachers.  While everyone has a different story, the desire to follow God is the same, and I think that's a very beautiful thing.

A Photo That I Love

From our wedding in August!

So nice to meet you---can't wait to read your posts!

xo, Caitlin