NEW in the SHOP!

Friends, it's been a whirlwind of a month and this is going to be a whirlwind of a post because I have so much to tell you, so hold on tight!

First of all, I'm 39.5 weeks pregnant and here to tell you, NEW PRODUCTS are IN THE SHOP! Lots of capital letters for that one because I have to make sure you can see my joy. :) I'm so excited to share all the new items with you, and kind of can't believe I'm able to do it before this little one arrives, but it's happening. Pillow covers, dish towels, onesies and mugs are all loaded and ready to meet you in the shop! If I had to pick my favorite new piece, I simply couldn't, so you'll just have to check everything out for yourself. (Ok, but do especially make sure you see the new campfire's speckled and vintage-looking and I think you will love!)

Another new shop feature: gift bundles! A whole new section of the shop is now devoted to product sets that are perfect for gifting ---yourself or others! Stock up, save and spread the love. Check 'em out here!

When creating the overall summer collection, I envisioned lovely, encouraging messages in clean lettering on items that would fit cozily into your life and bring joy. I hope you'll love these pieces of my heart! I have prayed since January that God would inspire each piece and use the items to bless customers abundantly, and I am deeply grateful for His guidance and provision so far.

That being said, I'm also super thankful and excited to hold Baby Bristow in the the very near future. You better believe he/she (we'll found out after delivery!) was an inspiration for the baby line, and that I can't wait to put that little one in an "Our Greatest Adventure" onesie because this has been one sweet ride so far.  (Hopefully we won't have TOO many "Party My Crib 2AM" nights, but we'll have to see how that plays out!) We have loved dreaming about this baby's future and watching him/her grow to the watermelon bump he/she is now. 

As I sit here and reflect on the launching of the new products and the arrival of Baby B, please know that I'm full of gratitude for your support! I'm sure things will look a little different around here as we adjust to a new season of life with a newborn, but I'm sure excited to introduce you to our newest, tiniest shop helper soon.  As always, thank you for all your encouragement and happy shopping!!