pear crisp

Dear Bakers (and non-bakers because you can do this too!),

To celebrate the new year and start 2013 with a new adventure, I tried a fun little recipe last night!  We had two pears that needed to be used and since it's been super chilly outside, a warm dessert was in order!  One of my cousins had told me how she started making mini apple pies in a mug, and I figured if her cute recipe worked with apples, surely it would work with pears.  And boy, did it ever.

I found this recipe from Pinterest and was off to the races.  Odds are good if you have the pears, you can make this little treat with ingredients already in your pantry!  (Love that!)  My favorite part was crumb topping, but the sweet and cinnamon-y pears were pretty delicious, too.

One of my favorite aspects of this recipe is that the pear crisps cook in one minute.  One. Minute. In the microwave!  It was a really simple way to make a single-serving dessert in under 10 minutes and was 100% husband approved.

Now go find your cutest, microwave-safe mug and get to baking! Love, Caitlin