thoughts on 2014 (& a Free download!)

A Year In Review - 2014 Blog

Ok, ok, I'll admit it.  I'm a sucker for New Year's Eve. Not so much the sparkle and the champagne glasses, (but who doesn't like a night of sequins and confetti?!), but the emotion of it all.  As we got closer and closer to midnight of December 31st, I'm filled with nostalgia and find myself asking all sorts of reminiscing questions, like:

 "Remember at the lake when the boat died and then it started POURING on us?  We felt like we were in a movie!"  

"Can you even BELIEVE it's been almost ten months since the moving truck pulled up outside of our Indiana apartment? It feels like three weeks ago!"  

There's a lot of sentimental rambling, but as we get ready for the new year, I can't help but take inventory of all the bits and pieces that made up 2014. I don't want to forget, and I want to make sure the gratitude sticks with me as we roll on into 2015.

So even thought it's January 1, I'm still filtering through.  I'm writing down everything we did, all the memories that stand out, the ups and the downs and that one time when we tried the Purple Goat doughnut from Glazed in Charleston.  (Yup, it's at the top of our awesome list.)

I'm planning and goal-setting, too, and there will be more of that to come, but first, I'm letting all the good stuff from 2014 marinate a little longer.  If you'd like to join along, (I promise it will be fun!), HERE'S a little guide for you to download that helps you jot down all the highlights from your year.  It's what I'm using as a super basic highlight reel and then filing in my "Special Memories" folder that I can pull out whenever I want.  Maybe send it to your mom or your BFF so they can join in the fun, or take it on a date night and take a walk down memory lane.  

Cheers to you, dear friends!