31 Days of Typography

Dear Friends,

Here we go, here we go!

Tomorrow kicks off a new month and with it I'll be jumping into a new project---31 Days of Typography.  The tagline in my head for this bad boy is "Sharing and Pairing Letters That I Love."  Or you can join my husband in simply calling the whole thing "Come Thou Font." Whatever works, just get ready for a font-filled time.

I'm joining up with The Nester and bunches of others who will spend October delving into topics of their choice and posting about it each day.  Typography jumped out at me as something to explore because...

1.) You know I love me some letters and 2.) I know typography is around me.  I want to notice these special little details in everyday life and 3.) I'd like to practice pairing with new type finds and combos

Sounds like a party, right?  I'll be linking each day to this post, so this will be home base for all that's to come related to the 31 Days of Typography.

Let's do this thang! Caitlin

Day 1: Bolt Day 2: Bloomington Brewing Co Day 3: 58 Day 4: Follow You Day 5: Farm Fresh Produce Day 6: Strength & Song Day 7: Have Faith Day 8: In Deepest Waters Day 9: Potpourri Day 10: Make Something Good Day 11: Let's Go Cards Day 12: Whitmans Day 13: Gateway Arch Day 14: Beauty Day 15: Life Writing Paper Day 16: Paula Red Day 17: Tattoo Day 18: Popt Corn Day 19: Real Life Type Day 20: Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Scones Day 21: Honey Day 22: Autumn Day 23: Between the Pages Day 24: Washingtonian Best Breakfasts Day 25: Lakeview Day 26: Life Is the Art of Drawing Day 27: Flourish Day 28: Anchor of Hope Day 29: Coconut Banana Cream Day 30: Play Day 31: October Eves