Hey friends!

How beautiful is this page spread?!  It's from "Seasons: The Best of Donna Hay Magazine" and I thought it would be perfect for Day 22 of 31 Days of Typography?  (I'm totally counting  handlettering as type in this instance.)  I stumbled upon it at the library, and I'm quite sure you would love it.  It's like a cookbook /coffee table photography book combo and so unique  I can't stop flipping through. Picture full-page food and landscape images paired with cozy recipes.  Catch my drift?  And all of the photos and recipes are grouped together by season, so if I wasn't already feeling fall-ish, this baby did the trick!

One of my very favorite parts are the little handwritten notes sprinkled through the book, in the same handwriting as the "Autumn" above.  Like this one about soup: "Soup chases away chills, soothes the soul, nurtures the appetite and leaves you feeling warm and loved all over."  I always like soup, and then that sentence happened.  Now I really love soup.  Who's feeling the same?!

Anyways, hope you are enjoying your autumn! xo, Caitlin

PS--Thanks to all who joined in the instagram sale fun today!  More to come tomorrow with journals!  Follow along here!

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