Hello hello! Today's typography find belongs to Sevenly, an online retailer that gives $7 of each purchase to a weekly charity. (Other designs also available, go check out the site!)   This week's purchases go to To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit that helps teens who are battling depression.

I think Sevenly brings a lot of great things to one table:  non-profits, crowd fundraising, social awareness, and cool design work.  By stirring all of this together, Sevenly is finding a way to share important messages and help organizations that need support from the community.

This shirt design is on my "Things I Would Wear Everyday" list because 1.) the contrast between the delicate flowers and strong, black text is rad and 2.) it comes in a baseball tee.  You gotta love a good baseball tee, right?

Let's find beauty in life's moments,


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