Hi there friends!

I'm starting off my 31 Days of Typography with this glinting example discovered in the world around me, courtesy of my local library.  Today I popped in to the library with my husband so we could stock up on some reads for October, and on the way in, I stopped by the little shelf that holds some books that are free with a donation to the library.  You just never know what will be on those shelves, and today brought this gem of a book, with its shining, shimmering spine.  It sat among some books about economics and fighter planes, just waiting for me to come discover it's fontastic spine.  (Oh yes I did.)

I instantly knew this book needed a spot on our own bookcase, where we can admire the title's gold dimension and lean structure.   The type is strong and a little flashy, which I think meshes with the word "bolt" so well.  What a beaut!

Welp, I hate to run, but I do have to bolt, so best wishes for a fantastic day.  (Seriously on a roll here.)

xo, Caitlin