how great thou art

Happy Friday, Friends!

I'm kicking off the weekend with a big smile on my face because today I am SO excited to introduce you to a little something something new to the Lettered Life Shop!  My very first canvas print!

As pictured above, this canvas features lyrics from one of my favorite hymns, How Great Thou Art.  It's so simple and rings very true in my life----sometimes I just look at things and am amazed that God made it happen.  I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, and all I can think is what a creative and loving God we have.  How awesome is He?!  How great Thou art!

For me, it's helpful to surround myself with things that inspire me and bring me closer to God.  That's why I wanted my first canvas to have the chorus of How Great Thou Art, because it's a reminder of how big God is.  And it gives me a chance to praise God each time I see it hanging in our living room.  And I thought maybe you might want a little reminder for your living room, too.  Or bedroom.  Or kitchen.  Or entry way or even you're bathroom---whatever spot calls your name.

So, pop on over to the shop.  You'll find the canvas also comes in peach and navy in addition to the chalkboard color, pictured above!!!  I love how those look as well!

Sending best weekend ever vibes your way.  And this little Carrie Underwood/Vince Gill version, which gives me goosebumps.

xo, Caitlin




Dear Sisters,

This verse is one that I have been reciting again and again this week (go ahead, memorize it!  right now!), thanks to #SheReadsTruth.  #SheReadsTruth is a daily devotional for women that I learned about a few months ago at The Influence Conference.  We just finished a plan called "Fresh Start" for the new year, and it focused on how God redeemed all SORTS of people to put them on His path.  One day specifically showed how God used Moses to save the Israelites, which made me want to watch The Prince of Egypt like crazy!  (Our family was slightly obsessed with When You Believe growing up.)  "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still"  is something Moses says to the terrified Israelites, who know the Egyptians are coming after them in Exodus 14.  I won't tell you what happens next if you're unfamiliar with the story, but know that this is where things get REALLY good and Moses's encouragement is proven to be true.

If you're looking for a devotional, I love a couple of things about #SheReadsTruth, the first being that it is available through the YouVersion app on my phone.  I know, I know, you don't need an iphone to do a devotional, BUT #SheReadsTruth encourages you to take a picture and instagram/tweet what you learned from the devotional and corresponding scripture, so makes it a visual AND an experience I can share with other people.  I think this is an awesome way to share the Word, so I'm all about it!  I also enjoy how the devotional are written in a down-to-earth style, and I like that I have it everywhere I take my phone...which is admittedly everywhere, so there's no reason not to check in with the daily reading!  While I don't instagram or tweet my daily thoughts often and need to work on being a little braver in this aspect, I have loved the themes of the last few plans including Advent and the Fresh Start I mentioned earlier.

So ladies of all ages, if you've been looking for a way to add a little more reflection to your day, check out #SheReadsTruth.  You do not have to have a smartphone to read the plan---you can visit the site daily to see what the readings are or sign up to have them delivered to your inbox.  A new plan called "Soul Detox" just started and it's never too late to join in.

xo, Caitlin

PS -  This print is available in the LetteredLifeShop!