coconut banana cream

Dear friends,

So today, a really big thing happened.  Like, huge. I used up another one of my very favorite candles.  Like I was watching the wax get lower and lower and the wick get shorter and shorter until it just puffed out after its final moment of coconut banana cream glory.  Like I said, was a big deal.

Because this year I kinda got into candles, starting at Making Things Happen when we talked about really filling our lives with great things, including sights, sounds and smell and I realized that I never really think about appreciating my sense of smell.  So inspired by Nancy Ray, I now often light a candle right when I wake up in the morning to get the party started.  And recently the candle I had been lighting was the pretty one featured above from Anthro, and it made everything smell nice and homey and warm---awesome for fall-ness weather.

But now I'm at the bottom the jar, and you know what that means.  Time to start dreaming about the next candle to join the morning routine.  Looks like Anthro has switched out the Boulangerie jars to new fall scents, and the Whipped Cream & Pear, Pumkin Souffle and Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon all sound pretty delicious.

And because it is still the 31 Days of Typography, I thought we'd use my beloved candle as some font-spiration. To get their vintage-y look, I paired DaunPenh with Antonio.

Go light a candle! :)


P.S. Today is day 28 of 31 Days of Typography.  Click here for other typography posts!