june = summer

Hiya friends!

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it is June.  With wedding showers, graduation parties, Mother's Day celebrations and family visits,  May was a super fun month that flew right past me, leaving me in disbelief that we are actually a week into June --- a SUMMER month.  And since summer is my all-time favorite season, I'm welcoming June into my life with a big smile and some lemonade...cheers to June!

I love that the sun isn't setting until after 9pm and that there's a new froyo place dangerously close by.  I love that we went strawberry picking for the second year in a row and came home with more strawberries than we know what to do with.  (Ideas welcome!)  I love that while I'm still too chicken to get into the pool because the water feels really cold, I can read right next to it and know that if I really wanted to, I could jump in.  (Maybe next week.)  Did I mention I love summer?

And before a May reflection gets away from me, here's how I did with last month's goals:

  • Reading 2 books a month. Yes!  I read "Girls in White Dresses" by Jennifer Close and "The Typewriter Girl" by Alison Atlee.  Both were fiction reads about women trying to navigate their early 20 somethings, though in totally different settings.  Neither were favorites, but that's ok.  "Girls in White Dresses"  followed a group of girls as they went through weddings/new jobs/relationships---but I couldn't really get into it.  "The Tyewriter Girl" told the story of a young lady in Victorian England trying to create a path of her own in a culture that strongly discouraged going against the grain.  The main character was a brassy little thang, and while I appreciated that she was true to herself, I wasn't crazy about the storyline.
  • SheReadsTruth.  We completed the Hosea and Nehemiah studies in May!  I can't say enough about starting my day with SheReadsTruth---it's such a blessing!  June started with 1 Peter, and if you'd like to join along, hop on over to the website!
  • Blog once a week.  Nope.  I had a week where I was really on top of it, then let it slide by.  Please don't be mad at me.
  • Grow my Etsy shop.  Yes!  You'll find a canvas print, iPhone cover, bridal shower invite, Matthew 6:21 print and a couple variations of hello notecards all in the Lettered Life Shop!  Woohoo!
Happy JUNE and FRIDAY!
xo, Caitlin