Hey hey!

Today's type find is coming at you live from a super sweet little antique store in Indy!  They have a really cool bottle section, where I stopped and admired lots of classic glass soda bottles, like this one called Lakeview, from 1968.  7 ounces of sweetness, I'd say---ingredient and type-wise.  The ingredients on the back were listed as "pure flavorings, pure cane sugar and pure spring water" and the font is just pretty.

The "Lakeview" lettering reminds me of a typeface we talked about a little while back---pop quiz---who remembers?  You got it --- it's Haymaker.  The green glass also really makes the white and red lettering stand out, and I think it adds to the campy feel of the whole drink.

Cheers! Caitlin

P.S. Today is day 25 of 31 Days of Typography.  Click here for other typography posts!