life is the art of drawing

Hello hello!

I'm really digging this quote, and the amazing design work of Jessica Hische.  She's an absolute rockstar, and if you bounce around her portfolio, I'll bet you'll recognize some of her work.  (Love stamp?  Classics for Barnes & Noble?)

What I think she really hit out of the park with this one (I'm in a World Series mode, sorry about the baseball jargon) is the fluidity.  We read from left to right, but half the words are connected right to left, and it still works beautifully!  She really carries you from one word to the next so the whole phrase just rolls together.  What's even cooler is how well I think that design choice aligns with the text.  In my opinion, the lack of space between words really ties with the "no erasing" theme. She's going forward, not going back!

I'm also just really enjoying the quote itself.  It's a good reminder that there's not a lot of fruit that comes out of trying to erase. While I can't go back and un-do what I've done, I can always keep drawing.

xo, Caitlin

P.S. Today is day 26 of 31 Days of Typography.  Click here for other typography posts!