paula red

Dear Friends,

Fall is finding its way to me, bringing darker evenings, cooler mornings and pumpkin-flavored everythings.   To really dive into the season, my husband and I recently headed out to a local orchard to stock up on a couple of different apple types, and we were pretty successful.  And by that I mean we brought home more than we needed to, but those apples were dying to come home with us, and I just couldn't say no.

One of my favorite parts of our outing was spotting these signs.  If there was a sign at the end of the row, you knew the trees behind it were ready for pickin' and what type they were.  Isn't the blocky, negative-space type on the red sign awesome?  I sure thought so.   I kinda wanted to bring  the sign home with me to hang in my kitchen, but left it there for the other apple pickers instead.

How's your fall?  Are you really feeling it yet? xo, Caitlin

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