Seizing the Day: Goal Check-In

Hiya friends!

April check-in time! A little late but better than never!  Here's a look at how March went and how well I stuck to some of my monthly goals...

  • Reading 2 books a month. Yes!  Have you read "Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed or "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Philipp Sendker? Both were on my list this month and both I enjoyed!  While they had completely opposite settings (mountainous trail that runs from Mexico to Canada vs.  small town, mid-twentieth-century Burma) they both had themes of finding something that was lost.  The first book told the true story of a woman's adventures on the PCT to find her true self, while the second read more like a fairy tale mystery where the narrator discovers the truth about her father's mysterious past.  Have I enticed you yet?   There's just something about reading a lost and found story that inspires you, right?  I just re-read the Prodigal Son in Luke earlier this week and MAN, how moving is it when we find our way back home to God after straying for a little while? Just a thought! Moving on to...
  • SheReadsTruth. The reflections through Holy Week were such a great way to get in the zone each morning, and made Easter that much sweeter! I started a new plan called Prayer in the Bible last week that will go on a for a few more, so be sure to join along if you're interested! 
  • Blog 3 times a week.  Ay yi yi.  Not so much.  Considering either adjusting this number or making myself make it happen.  Not quite sure what I will do, but next month's posting rate will tell.
  • Go crazy with my Etsy shop.  I haven't added anything new to the shop recently, but I've been doing a lot of custom orders and addressing of wedding envelopes which has kept my plate full!  Making Things Happen was such a great experience and I'm already learning so much about how to align the business to my core, which is a beautiful thing.  I was also introduced to a new printer that may allow me to extend the types of products this iPhone case  SO FUN!  Hopefully by next month I'll be able to introduce you to a few more offerings.
I'm adding this one to April's goals, so hold me to it!
  • Be outside.  Love the sunshine.  Soak up the new season!

Lots of love,