Hey hey hey!

It's Day 12 of 31 Days of Type and can you believe this gem?!  I still need to find the story behind it, but I found this old box for chocolates in my parents' basement and was crazy about it.  My fave section of typography is part that says "Fairhill Chocolates," but the slogan on the front side of the box is just perfect as well: "a wide and tempting variety of delicious flavors."  How could you turn a piece (or box) down?!

And while this box didn't hold 50 year old chocolates, it did contain some serious sweetness---a collection of preciously old handwritten letters and cards.  Birthday cards, holiday cards, thinking of you cards...the occasions were of all sorts, but the old sayings were a hoot.  One in particular that stands out said, "No strings to hold you back on this birthday!" and had Pinocchio-style puppets on the front. So good!

Happy day to you!


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